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Below is a compilation of a few interesting and helping links:

Local Weather

- Windguru – This is a fairly reliable weather site the tends to predict winds slightly lower than reality.

- Surfguru – Another good weather site, more geared towards surfers. The swells at sea tend to be smaller than predicted here.

- Climatempo – A pretty straight forward weather site.  Usually relatively reliable.

Places to Stay & Eat in Rio

CASALEGRE – An extraordinarily charming local guest house located in Santa Teresa close to Largo do Guimarães. They are good people and have been helpful partners of ours.

- Casa Beleza – Another great guest house (practically a castle) here in Santa Teresa.  This one is close to our favorite local bar, Gomes, and is run by our good friend Bindu.

- Casa Cool Beans – This small, luxurious, relaxed guesthouse opened in Santa Teresa in December of 2010 and is already #1 on Trip Adviser! The owners Lance and David are incredibly welcoming and helpful.

Info About Sailing on the Green Coast

- Ilha Grande – This is a pretty good site in English about Ilha Grande.  You can get an idea of what the island has to offer.

- Paraty – An English site that has some basic information about the historical city and its surrounding areas. Not the prettiest site, but it gives you an idea.

Climbing Shops in Rio

- Equinox – A traditional climbing shop located in downtown Rio.  They also produce their own clothes and backpacks which are pretty good quality.

- Le Chen – A nice and helpful climbing shop located in Galeria River in Arpoador, next to all the surf shops.

Friends and Parnter Organizations

- SWB Brasil – A local nonprofit organization coordinated by Andrew.  It realized different media arts training programs for disadvantaged youth as well as support other local initiatives.

- Schools Without Borders – A Canadian organization that supports SWB Brasil and works to help different youth led initiatives around the world as well as create a strong global network of youth leaders.

- Favela Painting – An interesting art project led by the famous Dutch artists Hass & Hahn.  The project has worked with local inhabitants to create several giant murals in different communities around the city.

- Rocks in Rio – Another safe and dependable option for climbing guides and instructional courses, run by our friend Daniel Araujo.

- Rio Soul Guiding – An alternative guiding service run by our friends Fernando Furtado and Demitri Manaf.  They offer different adventure and ecological tours around the city.

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