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Who are we?

Climb in Rio is a relaxed group of friends and family that have come together to enjoy Rio’s natural beauty by sharing their favorite pastimes of sailing and rock climbing with the rest of the world.

Although made up of an international team of experienced and capable guides, we do not operate like a typical tourism company and do not wish to be seen as one. Our clients can expect more of a relaxed and friendly experience with us, than a formal and structured tour. We enjoy meeting new people and sharing our local knowledge with them, giving them a chance to see the city through our eyes, and hope to treat our guests more like “friends from out of town” than clients.

Our goal is to have a good time while also offering a professional and safe adventure on the sea or in the mountains of Rio. After years of providing guiding services to hundreds of clients from around the world we have learned that the most satisfying experience is when a friendship and comfortable atmosphere is created. We believe that whether you are hanging 200 meters off the ground or drinking a cold beer on our boat that this mentality is what is going to make you feel at home with us.

Obs: In 2013, Ancoraue Climbing merged with Climb in Rio but we have maintained this website for communication purposes. You can visit our other site at www.climbinrio.com

Our Team


Andrew Lenz


Andrew is an American living in Rio de Janerio since 1998. He has been an avid rock climber since 2004 and has climbing experience in Brazil, Argentina and the United States. In 2010 he co-founded the climbing school C.E.U. which provides free climbing instruction to youth from the favela of Rocinha. Andrew also spent many years working as a percussionist, a professional sailor, as well the Brazilian Coordinator of the internationally recognized organization Schools Without Borders. Andrew is certified by the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism as a professional tour guide as well as by AGUIPERJ as a professional rock climbing instructor.

andrew@ancoraue.com +55 21 99328.5904


Eduardo “Ducha” Pacheco


Ducha, also known as the gradpa of climbing, is someone everyone should meet at least once in their lives. He is an accomplished sailor and climber that has more stories than even he can remember. If you ask nicely, Ducha, who is also a graduate in Fine Arts, will be glad to explain his personal philosophy on life which although not to be considered a profound life revelation, will make the little things in life a lot more fun. Deeply interested in nomadic and outdoors lifestyle, Ducha drove to Patagonia three times (1997, 2005, 2009) from Rio, heading to Chilean and Argentinian volcanoes, mountains and lakes. He has also climbed in Peak District (UK), Chamonix (France), Cotopaxi (Equador). Ducha climbs since 1995 and became a climbing guide in 2003

ducha@ancoraue.com +55 21 98045.1903


Mingo Leahy

Born and raised in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Mingo started sailing at the age of 6 in the Guanabara bay, and has more then ten years of climbing experience. He works as a professional drummer as well, performing with several jazz and brazilian musical groups. English and Spanish speaker.

mingo@ancoraue.com + 55 21 96924.9250

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